With the exception of pictorial prints on Ektalure G or contemporary papers, prints will be on double-weight Ilford MGIV or
Ilford MG Classic glossy paper developed in Ansco 103 or Dektol.   The prints are fixed twice: first in a sodium thiosulfate
bath acidified with sodium metabisulfite; and then in a plain sodium thiosulfate bath before washing, toning in an alkaline
selenium bath using Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner, secondary washing, and air drying on fiberglass screens.  All prints
are dry-mounted on 60 pt. (4-ply), 100% acid and lignin-free, calcium carbonate-buffered, bright white cotton rag boards.  
The dry mounting tissue will be either Kodak Type I or II tissue, or Bienfang ColorMount tissue.  The mats and backing
boards are of the same material as the mount - except for prints finished to 24x30, in which case the backing boards are
archival corrugated E-flute board together with a corrugated polypropylene sheet. The mounts and exterior-most backing
boards are stamped with black Sanford ink, and the title of the image, the dates of the negative and print, and print
number where applicable are written in pencil inside the stamped areas (or in pH-neutral ink where
archival corrugated
E-flute board
is used).  The work is signed on the front in pencil as seen below.  An adhesive label with identifying
information supplied by Ilford-Harman
may be affixed to backing boards for prints made on Ilford papers.  Matte black or
silver-colored aluminium metal-section frames and single-strength glass are used when framing is requested.  A letter
containing important information about the print and instructions for its care is included with each photograph.
8x10 contact prints (finished to 14x18)                 ..........   $400
Enlargements to ~11x14  (finished to 16x20)       ..........   $650
Enlargements to ~16x20  (finished to 20x24)       ..........   $850
Enlargements to ~ 20x24 (finished to 24x30)       ..........   $1,200
Pictorial prints on contemporary papers               ..........   $400
Vintage pictorial prints on Ektalure G                   ..........   $2,500
if available
(all pictorial prints are ~ 6x9 finished to 14x18)

Personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders are the only forms of payment accepted.  Cash, credit cards,
PayPal and similar methods of payment, are not accepted.  Prices listed above do not include framing or shipping
charges.  If you would like me to frame your print for you, please add $50 to the cost specified.  UPS shipping costs
vary depending on destination and weight.  Buyer pays actual shipping charges.
Order or inquire here.
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