Ansco 103:  Cold tone paper developer formula
Ansco 135:  Warm tone paper developer formula
Aperture:  Founded 1952
Archival Methods:  Supplier of archival materials
Archival Processing of Black and White Photographs as Preventive Conservation: by Jesper Stub Johnsen
Archivart: Supplier of boards, papers, and other archival materials
Art & Architecture Thesaurus OnLine: Courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum
Art Museums: Museums exhibiting and collecting art photography
Artcraft Chemicals:  Photographic chemical supplier
ArtGrafix: Dry mounting equipment
ASTM, BS, DIN, ISO, and JIS standards for photographic materials and processes  
Berlebach:  Wood tripods from Germany
Bienfang/Seal Products (now D&K Group). Dry mounting tissues and other framing supplies  
Bogen Imaging/Manfrotto Distribution:  Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods
Bogen Tripod Parts: Bogen and Manfrotto tripod & head replacement parts
Bulbman:  Source for enlarger lamp replacements
California Art Museums: Nonprofit art organizations and art centers
Camera Leather:  Pimp your handheld
Camera Retirement Home:  Useful information regarding vintage light meters and other appurtenances - by James Ollinger   
CIA World Factbook:  Get the facts before you travel abroad
City Data:  Get the facts before traveling the U.S.  
CollectiBlend: Antique, classic and used cameras/lenses price guide
Copal Shutters: Specifications for Copal shutters (from the website)
Competitive Edge: Source for replacement lamps and for dry-mounting supplies
Conservation Resources International:  Supplier of archival materials  
Cooke Optics Ltd: Large format lenses from England
Copyright Information:  "The Ultimate Guide To Copyright" by whoishostingthis
Copyright Protection:  Articles on copyright by ""
Custom Bellows: Source for new and replacement bellows - Birmingham, England
Darkroom Webcam: See my darkroom!
Deardorff Historical Web Site:  History, grading, and other details related to Deardorff cameras
DMCA Notice Generator:  by whoisthostingthis
eBay Cameras & Photography:  Caveat emptor
Fletcher: Substrate cutting
Flutot's Camera Repair:   Shutter service and repair - Whittier, CA
Fotostil:  Pronk still lifes from Germany & Russia
Freedom of Panorama: A discussion of rules in the USA and abroad regarding photographing architectural subjects
Fujinon Large Format Lens List: by Joe McGloin
George Eastman House (Eastman Museum)
Glazer's Camera:  A proper photo supply store in Seattle, WA  
Gralab:  Timing Devices
Graphics Atlas:  Information regarding the identification and characterization of prints and photographs
Guide to Fiber-Base Gelatin Silver Print Condition and Deterioration by Gawain Weaver
Hollinger Metal Edge:  Supplier of archival materials
Ilford B&W Films and Papers:  Specifications for films and papers from England
International Center for Photography
Kerry's Large Format Homepage:  Information on Fujinon and other lightweight lenses
Kodak Safelight Filters: Technical Information Data Sheet
Lamination Depot: A source for dry mounting tissue and related supplies
Large Format Lens Specifications: Information from the Graflex website, covers 47-800 mm lenses
LensWork: Bimonthly photography publication
Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs Division:  Online catalog
Life - Your World in Pictures:  Iconic images
Logan Graphic Products: Mat cutters
Mounting Board Information: 1987 essay by Steven Saitzyk
Nidec-Copal:  Manufacturer of Copal shutters
Nielsen:  Metal section frames
Ohaus:  Balances and scales for the darkroom
OmegaBrandess: Distributor of numerous photographic products
Omega Enlarger Guide:  Information about Omega enlargers from KHB Photografix of Ontario, Canada
Origins and Development of Dry Mounting: 1993 essay by Stephanie Watkins
Paterson Photographic: Developing trays and other darkroom supplies
Peak Optics: Magnifiers, comparators, and loupes for inspection and measuring 2x to 300x
Photo-Eye: Photography bookstore
Photographic Negatives - Nature and Evolution of Processes: 2005 booklet by María Fernanda Valverde
Photogravure:  Art of the Photogravure
Photogravure Gallery
Photomemorabilia:  Excellent Ilford film chronology, review of MG papers, and other information
Photography and the Law: Wikipedia article covering some general legal aspects of photography
Picture Frames:  Source for metal-section frames
Print File: Supplier of archival materials
Quality Light Metric: The place to get your light meter recalibrated
Ries:  Wood tripods from the U.S.
Rodenstock Lenses for Large Format Cameras:  Specifications for Rodenstock lenses from Germany
Rodenstock Lenses Enlarging and Reproduction:  Specifications for Rodenstock's process lenses  
Rodenstock Serial Numbers by Age:  Information from the website
Rotatrim:  Trimmers  from England
Rubber-Cal:  Supplier of sheet rubber
Schneider Optics: Specifications for Schneider lenses from Germany
Seeing With Photography Collective:  Impressive work by visually-impaired photographers in New York City
Shorpy Archive:  Exceptional images available through the Juniper Gallery in Madison, Alabama
S.K.Grimes:  Lens and shutter machinist
Specialty Bottle: A source for Boston Rounds and other containers for the darkroom
Stouffer Industries, Inc:  Transmission step wedges
Talas:  Professional archival, bookbinding, conservation and restoration supplies
Ted Pella, Inc: Spoons and spatulas for the darkroom
The Agnostic Print: Articles regarding photographic technique and procedure
Time and Date: Clocks, calculators, astronomical events, weather data, and other information for the photographer
Toning Black and White Materials: Kodak Technical Publication, May 2006
Tru Vue:  Supplier of museum glass and other specialty glazing materials
ULine: Clear plastic bags and other shipping supplies
United Manufacturer's Supplies, Inc.:  Framing tools and supplies
University Products:  Supplier of archival materials
USC Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 120:  United States law regarding excusive rights in architectural works
U.S. Census Bureau - State and County QuickFacts:  Contemplating relocation?
U.S. Copyright Office
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust
U.S. Plastic Corporation:  Supplier of developing trays and other items for the darkroom
WeatherSpark: Essential and reliable information for the landscape photographer  
Weather Underground: An alternate source of weather information for the landscape photographer
Wilhelm Imaging Research:  Academic papers regarding the preservation and care of negative and prints
Benewah Milk Bottle - Spokane, WA 2018
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